Update: Boosteroid app for a cloud computer rent

As we have already announced, we would like to present you a demo of our Boosteroid app for a cloud computer rent. The app is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface and is also has a synchronized account both on mobile devices and PCs.

Boosteroid app will allow to play high-performance games, render video, create 3D-graphics, work with BigData and much more. 

Currently we test the beta version of our app, however users are already able to try it and enjoy its convenience.

So before getting started with your cloud computer you have to complete a quick registration providing your email address or login and password. After that you’ll receive an email with a link to activate your personal account.

Then you will be offered to choose the needed rental time (hours) and a particular convenient payment option for your configured cloud computer. You can skip this step and complete it later.

There will be several payment options:

  • with BTR tokens purchased earlier;
  • with BTR tokens purchased via Boosteroid exchange service;
  • with a credit card. Any currency converted to USD is accepted;
  • with cryptocurrency.

Then you will see a main screen where icons of the most commonly used apps, settings, cloud storage and Boostore application store will be displayed. You can move icons however you like. To choose the needed app you should go to Boostore application store where you will find both paid and free products.

You can choose particular apps and rental time there, if you haven’t done it earlier. Add your apps to the cart and the total cost of selected programs pack will be calculated there.

The system will offer to pay for selected programs once again. To make a payment you should connect your credit card providing card holder`s first name and last name, type of the card – Mastercard or Visa, card expiration date and card verification value (CVV number).

When the payment is made you’ll see reserved rental time and selected apps in your personal account.

Then you can choose the needed app and start it. Each app is launched in a separate window. You can launch several apps available in the personal account at the same time.

If you access Boosteroid services via browser you will receive a notification that you can enjoy maximum performance if you download our desktop application BoostApp. It will be possible to play games or run apps that require high resolution video stream only via BoostApp desktop application.

15 minutes before the end of the session you will see a pop up message offering you to pay for additional time so that you will be able to keep unsaved changes and prolong the session.

We keep on working to improve our service and it means that you may expect many interesting news soon! Stay tuned!

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