The way we are going to create Boosteroid

Modern software and high-tech equipment is what made the Boosteroid project implementation possible.

Technical implementation of Boosteroid consists of software and hardware parts. Hardware part will include a lot of heterogeneous computing systems combined into a single high-speed infrastructure:

  • servers based on modern general-purpose Intel or AMD processors;
  • servers, which include NVIDIA or AMD graphics accelerators and graphics cards;  
  • servers, which include Intel graphics accelerators;
  • high-speed switching equipment.

Server architecture will be based on:

  • Intel Xeon E5, E7 v4 or 5 processors;
  • AMD EPYC 7000 series processors;
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards;  
  • NVIDIA Tesla P100, Tesla V100 and AMD Radeon Instinct graphics accelerators;
  • Intel Xeon Phi 7000 series accelerators.

A fault-tolerant, distributed, redundant storage system will be used in the Boosteroid project. Also, block-level stores are provided. In addition to the main data stores, a long-term storage with a large amount of memory will be built.

10Gb and 100Gb Ethernet switches will be used as communication equipment. They support the operation of the system infrastructure, high-speed computing network and data warehouse replication.

Software part of the project will be based on the open source platform, which allows to provide a wide range of cloud services, such as computing, creating storages, databases and much more.

A detailed project of creating computational power will be formed after the first ICO stage.

We develop a user-friendly interface with fast and easy access to Boosteroid services for the convenience of working with the “cloud”.

We are also planning to develop an application store, named BooStore, where you will be able to buy or download apps for free. Then it will be possible to install these apps on your cloud PC.


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