How to create MyEtherWallet online

This is how you can create MyEtherWallet online.

1. Go to

2. Choose the language on top right of the page.


3. The form of wallet registration will open. Create a password, enter it and click Create New Wallet. Do not forget to save the password to a text document created before.

4.  Then download Keystore. This file will help enter Ethereum wallet. MyEtherWallet does not keep data so if a psassword or this file are not saved it will not be possible to restore access to the wallet. Then click I understand. Continue.

5. Then the private key will appear. It is possible eather to save it or to print. Enter ittothe text document and click Save your address.

6. There will be six possible authorization methods. Choose Keystore File (UTC/JOIN) or Private Key.

Then enter the private key to Select Your Wallet File, enter the password. Click Unlock and get to your account.

To log into the wallet again click Wiew Wallet info in the menu.


How to take part in BTR tokens preorder

BTR tokens preorder will take place from October 16 till October 20, 2017 on Boosteroid website.

You will be able to place BTR tokens preorder from 9.00 (СЕТ), October 16 to 21.00 (СЕТ), Octrober 20, 2017. 1 BTR token price is $0.48. Total number of BTR tokens: 20 000 000 BTR. It will be possible to pay with ETH.

The information about reserved tokens will appear in your personal account on after you send ETH to Boosteroid smart contract and checked with Etherscan that the transaction was successful. It will be possible to credit tokens on MyEtherWallet from October 23rd, 2017.

If purchased BTR tokens are not displayed in your personal account, – check our instruction.


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