The ICO Boosteroid has started: why is the project worth making investments in it

We starts first ICO stage today, on October 23rd. For those who only plan to join our project we explain what Boosteroid is and why it is worth making investments in it.

You can follow the ICO and join it on the website of the project.

  • There are 100 000 000 BTR tokens for sale,
  • Initial price of 1 BTR – $0,48, final price – $0,58,
  • It is possible to pay with ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH.

What is Boosteroid

Boosteroid – cloud computer that provides convenient access to computing resources, storages, software products and other services worldwide.

A remote computer will allow to render video, create  3D-graphics, enjoy the most modern computer games or carry out machine learning  using any computer even the most low-performance one. Quick and stable connection to the Internet — that’s the only thing a user needs.

Thanks to the lowest computing power rental price on the market Boosteroid will become available to  every user of the World Wide Web.


Why is the project worth making investments in it

1. The service is in demand. Total expenses of users working  in the “cloud” reached $209,2 billion in 2016, whereas in 2015 the number was $175 billion, according to the American consulting firm Gartner. Thus, users’ expenses increased by $35 billion within a year. Considering analysts’ forecasts expenses for a cloud are to reach approximately $246,8 billion in 2017 and will exceed $380 billion by 2020. And this shows that the demand for this service will increase.

2. The platform is already being built. Computing facilities with the peak power of more than 0.5 petaflops began operating in July,  2017. The team plans to reach the power of 20 petaflops in February 2018 and in December 2018 – 100 petaflops.

3. It is profitable to trade BTR tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently the minimum price for one hour computing power rent* offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud is $6,5 to $10,5. Boosteroid offers the same service only for 1 BTR. Accordingly, BTR token rates will grow. We expect the following growth –  $6.

BTR will be available  on mail cryptocurrency exchanges  after the 2nd ICO stage.

4. Limited amount of released tokens. Many projects issue unlimited number of tokens intended for all buyers. However, unlimited emissions lead to inflation. All unsold and undistributed tokens will become invalid when the ICO is completed. Tokens accepted as a payment for services will expire.

* Computing power on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards; two processors Intel Xeon E5 2680v4; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.

Check our White Paper to learn more about the project.

You can buy BTR tokens here


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