How is Boosteroid different from other token sales

A new stage of Boosteroid crowdsale started on November 27th. The project is collecting investments to create a cloud service platform and will use attracted funds to expand computing facilities and develop a cloud computer.  

Unlike many other startups we provide a clear variety of advantages for our investors and token holders.  

1.Idea – simple, realistic and promising. Cloud technologies are getting more and more popular not only among businesses but also among casual users. PCs, laptops and smartphones are rapidly becoming smaller and smaller, however, graphic cards and other components can not endlessly decrease in size. So lack of processing power is an issue and our service will take it off the table.

2. Development plan – clear and achievable. Our development plan and roadmap are public so everyone is able to check what tasks the team has at a particular stage. We have a clear investment distribution model and a defined scaling plan. We also know how much equipment we will be able to purchase considering particular ICO results. Besides, we have calculated the time when our tokens accepted as a payment for the service will expire. You can find more information here .

3.The project is already being implemented. We have already started an operation of a number of computational nodes in Kharkov (Ukraine). After the ICO we start building our computing facilities in free industrial zones of Georgia. We also consider locating our facilities in Iceland, UAE and the USA soon.

4.Service test mode is launched.  We have launched a test mode of our computing cloud to get feedback and fix all technical issues.

5.The number of BTR tokens is limited. A total number of released tokens is 1 billion. All unsold and undigested tokens as well as tokens accepted as a payment for Boosteroid services will expire after the ICO.

6.The token corresponds to a real service. We offer not just unclear promises but a real service to our investors. 1 BTR = 1 hour rent of Boosteroid computing power*.

* Computing power on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards; two processors Intel Xeon E5 2680v4; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.

Investors will be able to rent computing power with BTR tokens on more favorable terms.

7.1 BTR = $1,08. Investors will have an opportunity to purchase promising tokens at the lowest price and then sell them at a higher price.

Currently the lowest 1 hour computing power rent provided by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud is from $6,5 to $10,5. Boosteroid offers the same service for only 1 BTR. This means that token rate will increase by 5.5 times up to $6 after the ICO.

8.Investors will get bonuses. We decided to reward our backers for their trust. The team has developed a special bonus system for those who support Boosteroid. Investors who purchase from 10 000 to 100 000 BTR receive additional 10% bonus tokens. Those who buy from 100 000 to 1 000 000 BTR, get 15%, and from 1 000 000 BTR and more – 20%.

9.The token will be available on the exchange. We have a preliminary agreement with Bittrex and YoBIT. We also plan to reach other main digital currency exchanges and expect BTR rate to increase thanks to expansion of the demand.

10.The demand for BTR will be maintained by applying token buyback on the exchange. When Boosteroid is launched we will start our exchange service (the service that accepts tokens, USD and other cryptocurrency as a payment for the service – note.). It will automatically receive money paid by users who rent our computing power and use this money to purchase tokens on the exchange.

Taking the above mentioned into consideration, we can state that our team is among a few who are running a real economically feasible ICO.

You can join the token sale right now.


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