Free Computing Power for AI-Startups: Terms of Participation

We would be glad to support ideas that can create a better life for humanity so we decided to provide 10% free Boosteroid computing power for artificial intelligence in aging research projects after we launch our service.

Guiding principles of AI-startups selection

1. Everybody who is engaged in AI in aging research can apply.
2. The idea of a project should be unique and there should be a demand for this idea on the market.
3. A team should provide clearly defined roadmap.
4. We focus on teams, not individual founders.
6. A team should be hungry for success, seek to solve the problems humankind faces today and pay attention to details.
7. We will guide and support startups in cloud computing issues but not in their implementation and development process.
8. Besides, startups engaged in the following researches can apply:

– Artificial Intelligence
– Analytics & Big Data
– Virtual reality
– Augmented reality
– Biotechnologies
– Healthcare
– Medical technologies and pharmacy
– Robotics

General criteria

The following aspects are taken into account:

– full-time team and founders;
– team focus;
– open-mindedness;
– social contribution.

Selection process

Startups selection process includes three stages.

1. Online application:

– Application form
– Project/team/company name?
– Why do you need Boosteroid computing power?
– How it all started: How you decided to start your project?
– Mission: what is the mission of your project?
– Goals: what do you want to achieve by implementing your project?
– Challenges: what risks do you face?
– Team: information about your team members, their background and expertise
– Business model: how are you going to run your business?

2. Shortlisting

Selection Committee will chose 30 candidates. Shortlisting is based on five crucial criteria:

3. Face-to-Face Interview

Selection Committee will choose top 10 startups. Considering the results of the previous stage, there can be different types of interviews:

1. Personal interview
2. Phone or Skype interview
3. Capability test interview
4. Panel interview

Application forms should be sent to

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