Entertainment And Business In One Cloud: Why You Will Like Boosteroid

We continue to work hard on our service. However, although much has been done, there is a great deal left to do. We are sure that you will love Boosteroid just as we already love it.

Top six reasons to use Boosteroid:

Accessibility. Access to the cloud service will be available to anyone who has a computer, tablet, any mobile device. It’s easy to work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cost reduction. With Boosteroid you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware or software that you need only from time to time. Using cloud services you only pays for an actual use – like with mobile communication.

Multifunctionality. Users will not only have an opportunity to work with big data files, render video but also play high performance games.

Ease. Boosteroid will have a user-friendly interface. It will be so easy to use the service that even a child will be able to deal with it. Users won’t need to learn a number of instructions.

Facility. Users will be able to choose programs they need and launch them immediately: the system will choose necessary computing power automatically. Advanced users will be able to change the settings of their cloud computer themselves.

Security. You won’t lose the necessary information, if something happens to your device (PC, tablet, phone). It will be stored on our servers.

Stay tuned!

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