Georgia will provide electrical power for Boosteroid project

Minister of Energy of GeorgiaRomeo Mikautadze and Boosteroid CEO Ivan Shvaichenko.

Georgia will provide electrical power for Boosteroid project. This agreement was reached at the meeting between Boosteroid CEO Ivan Shvaichenko and Deputy Minister of Energy of Georgia Romeo Mikautadze.

In a friendly conversation and cordial atmosphere Romeo Mikautadze ensured that Georgian party is very interested in our project and will ensure the necessary conditions for the project implementation in the country.

Ivan Shvaichenko.

As we have already announced, we agreed upon locating our computing facilities in Georgia free industrial zones early in October.

According to the agreement, computing facilities will be connected to a local power grid and high-speed Internet. Centralization of computing facilities will help make cloud computing price competitive (in case of decentralization the price increases tremendously), ensure their stability, data security, compatibility in the operation of components.

Georgia, thank you for a warm welcome!

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