Venture capital industry expert: the Boosteroid project is attractive for businesses

Head of the venture credit department of the investment platform Startup.Network Vyacheslav Podlesny commented on the launch of the Boosteroid project.

According to Vyacheslav, most devices and programs will use artificial intelligence in the future. That will increase the requirements for the capacity of the infrastructure that provides necessary calculations. It is obvious that the demand for cloud computing will continue to grow and the majority of users will appreciate a new market player that offers more convenient interface, more favorable terms and opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency.  


“The idea of the Boosteroid project is so interesting primarily because this service (computing power rent, – note) is very relevant today. To solve most of business problems large amount of computing power is required. If there is an opportunity to use it quickly in the cloud, that will accelerate the launch of new projects and initiatives as well as reduce capital expenditures. So the project that provides computing power at favorable prices is very attractive for businesses” – Podlesny noted.


He says that considering the market price of computing power rent and a price of the token, that corresponds to this particular service, BTR token rates during pre-ICO and ICO show that BTR can grow ten times or even more up to the market prices. That will allow investors to gain profit reselling tokens or using them for their own purposes.  

“Those who bought BTR tokens would be able to use them to solve their tasks, as well as gift or give them to their business partners,” – he explained.

The economist also claimed that another advantage of Boosteroid is that tokens correspond to a service provided by the company.

Boosteroid successfully completed the pre-ICO and sold 2,000,000 BTR tokens. The presale of BTR tokens began at 09:00 (CET) on September 22. It was planned that the pre-ICO would end on September 29, 2017, but, thanks to investors, it lasted only a few hours. The starting price of 1 BTR was 0.1 USD, the final price was 0.47 USD.

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1 BTR token corresponds to one hour rent of computing power on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards; two Intel Xeon E5 2680v4 processors; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.


Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storage, software products and other functionality.

The project will allow to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful remote service with a user-friendly interface and a simple management.

A computer is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Thank to the lowest rental on the computing power market Boosteroid will become available to every user of the World Wide Web.

See our White Paper to learn more about the project.


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