Cloud is to squeeze ordinary servers

According to an advisory firm Gartner, world cloud technology market will increase by 18% in 2017 and will reach 246,8 billion dollars. By 2020 cloud business relations will have become up to 50% of all IT-outsourcing in the world.

Why is it so? Well, it’s pretty easy to understand. Cloud helps users save time and money: they do not have to purchase expensive hardware, higher IT-specialists or buy software products that they do not use all the time anyway.

Besides PCs, laptops and smartphones are getting smaller and lighter: LG has already developed a flexible OLED — a screen that you can simply roll up and put into your pocket. However graphic cards and other component can not endlessly reduce in size. Cloud services can solve the problem of processing power lack.

But what is the most important, you can access your data or use particular software products wherever there is an Internet connection and as long as you have any device.

Boosteroid will develop a service that provides computing power rent via user-friendly and easy-to-use application. In the application store users will have an opportunity to choose necessary programs and directly start using them. The system will automatically select the needed processing power. Advanced users will be able to change their cloud computer setting on their own.

Just several mouse clicks and you have your personal cloud computer.

You’ll find out more about our app soon.

Join the cloud with Boosteroid!

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