What is Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a common project of a team from the USA, Serbia and Ukraine. In October 2016 we combined our efforts to create cloud service platform which provides convenient access to computing power, storage and software.

Today the prices of cloud computing services offered by market leaders — Amazon, Microsoft, Google — are very high, so this service is still the privilege of the “elite”.

“Computing power rental price is a problem for many users, — explains Boosteroid founder Ivan Shvaichenko, — We decided to remove this obstacle”

The project will allow to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful computing “cloud” with a user-friendly interface and a simple management.

A PC is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Thank to the lowest cost of rent in the market of computing power, Boosteroid will be available to every user of the World Wide Web.



Date: September 22, 2017 at 9:00 (CET) and end on September 29, 2017

Total number of BTR tokens: 2,000,000

The starting price of BTR token is $ 0.1, the final price is $0.47


Date: October 23, 2017, November 27, 2017, January 15, 2018

Total number of BTR tokens: 800 000 000

The starting price of BTR token is $0,48, the final price is $2,78

See our White Paper to learn more about the project.


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