Boosteroid will locate computing facilities in Georgia

The Boosteroid project team reached agreements to place computing facilities in the free industrial zones of Georgia.

According to the agreements, after computing facilities are installed, they will be connected to the local power grid and high-speed Internet.

Currently, there are two free industrial zones (FIZ) in Georgia located in Poti and Kutaisi. Negotiations with their management are held by the CEO of the project Boosteroid Ivan Shvaichenko.

“We will soon decide where to place our first computing facilities. Currently we also negotiate with the representatives of Iceland on the possible placement of computing facilities there”, — CEO of the project.

Centralization of the computing facilities will provide the competitive price of cloud computing (in case of decentralization the costs increase a lot), make cloud computing sustainable, ensure information security and compatibility in components operation.

Nowadays the primecost of cloud computing 80% depends on the electricity tariffs. A big data processing center can get a substantial quantity discount off the price (for instance, in Georgia the price of 1kWh/hour is only 0,04-0,08 $, and 0,06 $ in average). One computation node based on eight graphic cards together with collateral system (in proportion to one node) needs 3,5 kWh/hour.
Thus, our primecost of one hour computing power rent on one computation node is not higher than 0,4-0,5 $. Market prices for the same computing power in Europe are following: Google – 6,5 $, Amazon and Microsoft – 10,5 $“,  —Boosteroid founder.


It is planned to create a centralized cloud computing platform within the frame of the Boosteroid project (Google cloud, Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure analogue)

Boosteroid will allow to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful computing “cloud” with a user-friendly interface and a simple management.

A PC is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Thank to the lowest cost of rent in the market of computing power, Boosteroid will be available to every user of the World Wide Web.


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