Boosteroid bounty campaign: how to take part

We start our Boosteroid bounty campaign for everybody who wants to join our project and create a personal cloud computer available for everyone.

To let as many people as possible know about our service, we are ready to invest 3% of total number of available tokens — 30 000 000 BTR — in the bounty campaign.

Everybody who will support Boosteroid promotion campaign before and during three ICO stages will get tokens.

We analyzed the potential growth of the Boosteroid token. According to our forecasts, the cost of 1 BTR will be at least $ 6.

How to take part

Bounty campaign participants will receive certain tasks every week. Their terms will be sent via email, Telegram, to personal account, etc.

The list of tasks fulfilled by participants will be checked by our managers once a week. After the confirmation of accomplishment, the announced reward tokens will be credited to the participant’s account.

To get a bounty reward, each user must participate until the end of the ICO. You can use only one account to participate – multiple account registrations will not be accepted. Negative feedback about Boosteroid will also not be rewarded.

Bounty campaign participants will get rewards after the first ICO stage.

To learn more about bounty campaign conditions and rewards go here.



White Paper



Date: October 23, 2017, November 27, 2017, January 15, 2018

Total number of BTR tokens: 800 000 000

The starting price of 1 BTR token is $0,48, the final price is $2,78

See our White Paper to learn more about the project.


About the project and its advantages.

Boosteroid is a secure cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storage and software products.

The project allows to abandon expensive Personal Computers in favor of a powerful remote service with a user-friendly interface and a simple management.

A computer is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the “cloud” – from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

Clients will be able to select the needed power of a cloud computer, as well as rent it for any time – from one hour to several years.

Users can be sure that all their data is secured and flawless operation of all systems is ensured. No one will be able to steal or withdraw the information.

Thank to the lowest rental price on the computing power market Boosteroid will become available for every user of the World Wide Web.


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