Boosteroid Application Is to Turn Any Device into Supercomputer

Our team are developing the application that will turn a PC with the lowest performance or even a mobile phone into a supercomputer.

The app will provide users with the opportunity to rent cloud computing power as easy as listen to music in iTunes, look through emails in Gmail and use Facebook, — reports the company in its blog.

The app will be available for Windows and MacOS and will have a synchronized account both on mobile devices and PCs. The service will allow to play high-performance games, render video, create 3D-graphics, work with BigData and much more.

Project CEO Ivan Shvaichenko said:

We are developing a very convenient user-interface of the app. Users won’t need to spend a lot of time on setting up their cloud computer and learning how to use it — it will be very easy to enjoy our service, — notes Boosteroid founder Ivan Shvaichenko, — the only thing that a user needs is the high-speed Internet. Users will no longer depend on their location and on the processing power of their devices.

The app will provide access to different word processing programs and graphic editors, cloud storage, social networks and BooStore application store with paid and free programs.

Users will be able to choose the needed programs and directly use them: the system will automatically configure the required processing power. Advanced users will have an opportunity to set up their cloud computer however they want.

The app is currently being tested. It will be officially launched in May, 2018.

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