How to purchase BTR Tokens with Fiat Money

Friends, there is an important information for those, who want to buy tokens for fiat money. Our partner platform Indacoin, with which you can buy BTR for EUR, has established a new procedure for accepting payments.

So, the first payment amount shouldn’t exceed 500 EUR. The next payment that you can make in four days after the first transaction shouldn’t exceed 1000 EUR.

In seven days after the first payment you can buy tokens for 2000 EUR.

The total limit for the first month is 15,000 EUR.

To buy tokens in the bank, you should provide video — with your passport and the card.

Transactions from US citizens will not be accepted. 

In addition, bank cards issued by US banks will also not be accepted for payment. For example, the Payoneer MasterCard can be either American or German. If your card was issued in the US, you will not be able to make a payment.

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